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Unlock the business potential hidden in your birth chart

Astrology for Entrepreneurs

Your unique birth chart is like a fingerprint, it's your cosmic DNA. Explore your astrology chart, and learn your personality, as it relates to business. In this online course, you'll learn your strengths and opportunities, and how to use them to your advantage. 

Your astrology doesn’t change. This is the one business course you’ll take that gives you true, unchanging information about your strengths and potential in business.


Read Between The Signs | Shining Insight

An online course to help you unlock the business potential hidden in your birth chart.

Setup like a pick-your-own-path book (remember those?), you'll explore your unique personality traits,  so that you can finally tune in to your authentic self, and discover your truth. 

New to astrology? No worries, the lessons are an easy conversational-style, so you'll get maximum benefit no matter what your level of astrology knowledge.

With Read Between the Signs, you'll learn your unique business personality, and master your business in a genuine way

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What's Included

Read Between the Signs includes over a dozen lessons that you can study at your own pace. Here's what you'll learn...


First, your Natal Birth Chart - You'll start by downloading a copy of your astrology birth chart. This is where it all begins. You'll learn to use your chart as a "map" to see what business you were born to build!


Your Sun Sign in Business


Discover Your Ruling Planet


Rising Signs and their Meanings


Moon Sign & Your Inner Personality 


Second House Sign & Planets - Money, work, routines in your life


Sixth House Sign & Planets - Work habits, organization, service to others


Tenth House Sign & Planets - Career & long-term goals


Putting it all together - Once you've got the puzzle pieces, we put it all together for an overview of your unique business personality. What your work should look like, the best career moves for you, how to structure your work day for optimal success, and more! This is the good stuff! 

Read Between the Signs | Natal Birth Chart

Included in the Course

Your Birth Chart!

Read Between the Signs

your true self is calling

If you've been feeling stuck in work and life, it may be that you're not honoring your true heart's desire. It's time to go deep, learn what makes you, YOU. Then you can tackle your business with confidence and calm.

By the end pf RBTS, you'll know your authentic self, why your business isn't what you always dreamed it would be, and how to fix it. 

You'll have renewed confidence, and a solid roadmap showing you the way forward to success and personal fulfillment. 

Read Between The Signs | Shining Insight

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What Students Are Saying...

Shining Insight

This course rocks!

"I’ve had astrology readings in the past, but I never got advice specific to building my business. After taking the Read Between The Signs program I now have a clear understanding of my business strengths and how to use them in my business. I know why I do the things I do now and what needs to change. I’m ready take my biz to the next level now! Recommend!”


Amy Adams

I'm a business + empowerment coach. 

My mission is to help you discover your truth + passion, and leverage it to build a strong business, so that you can have the freedom you crave. 




100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you do the work and don't get results I'll send you a prompt refund. Just show me your completed worksheets from the course, within 10 days of enrolling, and if you're not happy I'll refund your money. I'm committed to your success and will do what I can to help you get the results you want.

Amy Adams

Ready to meet the real you, so you can make a real DIFFERENCE?

*To get full benefit from this course, it's recommended you know your complete birth date, time and location. This information can usually be found on an official birth certificate. 

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