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Introverted Solopreneurs,


An online workshop to help you unlock your money mindset, discover the secret to profitable business and #StopTheHustle 

Kerri Albins

Stop Hustling

"Busy" doesn't equal successful and wealthy. In fact, it's the opposite. Learn to make more $$$ by working less.

Create a First-Class Lifestyle

Making money doesn't have to be hard, and once you know the secret you'll create your own life of luxury.

Enjoy Freedom

Develop a plan for semi-passive income, and experience true freedom in your life. Where will you travel first?

Are You Always Tired and Often Broke?

You're a hard-working solopreneur. You know you're destined for greatness, but you're just not sure how or when you'll achieve it. The harder you work, the more you have to do. You’re scrambling to make good money, but when the money starts coming in, you’re too tired and busy to take time off and enjoy the wealth. OR WORSE, you hustle hard and the money never comes. :( 

Society tells entrepreneurs to hustle, and work harder!

I know how you feel. For years, I ran FOUR online businesses, trying to make a decent living. Combined they made $30k a year. At one point, my mom said to me,

“You work harder than anyone I know, and you’re always broke.”

That was my wake up call. 

SO I got super-serious about business. I signed up for ALL the classes taught by the insta-famous gurus. You know the ones… 

And something really amazing happened. Concentrating on just one business, I started making six-figures! It was like a dream. I got a new car, replaced my entire wardrobe, was eating out all the time, and I got almost every *material* item I’d been wanting. 

But something else happened. I was constantly exhausted. I was always working, and always “on”. I was declining to attend events and trips because I couldn’t leave my business. Success was my prison. 

At my lowest point that year, I was sitting at home on a Saturday night, while my love, John, was staying in a ritzy hotel in Virginia (he road-tripped out to visit Monticello). Oh, and it was his birthday. I didn’t go with him, because I was too busy.  After we got off the phone that night, I cried, and vowed right then I would change my life

You see, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur so I would be FREE. And at that point in my life, I was anything but free. My business was my master.

I wanted a life where I made abundant money, but could also enjoy that money (by traveling, shopping, taking care of my family, and spending time with loved ones). 

Today I have the life I always wanted. In 2017 I made $290k with my online business, and this year will be even higher. My days are exactly how I like them, slow & lazy, filled with skincare rituals, lots of reading, afternoon naps with John and our kitty, dinners that go on forever as we laugh and chat. We frequently travel, and I shop online every time a sale email pops up in my inbox.  

How did I do it? I shifted my mindset to one of abundance (not hustle!), I zeroed in on my true passion, and began teaching others how to do the same. (Oh, and setting up a semi-passive online business was a big part of it too.)

Student Transformations


I signed up just to make a change in my business, but my life has changed for the better.

Linda Evans

Parenting Coach


By [the last day] I had achieved all of my Day 1 goals.

Emma Kingsley 


WOW, I feel so much lighter, and I'm making more money, all in the first 2 weeks of the workshop.

Kerri Albins
Social Media Manager


Money + Meaning

12-week online workshop to help you unlock your money mindset, discover the secret to profitable business and #StopTheHustle 

Imagine a future where you make as much money as you want, working very few hours a day in a business you’re passionate about, and enjoying free time doing the things you enjoy with the people you love.

  • No more hustle
  • No more overwhelm
  • No more exhaustion
  • check
    No more desperation
  • check
    No more always being broke

Imagine abundance flowing into your life daily.

​​​​Say Yes to abundance.

Say Yes to a lighter, happier life.

Say Yes to more free time.

Say Yes to travel & hobbies.

Say Yes to yourself today.

This is what you get...

12 Weekly Lessons

($2,997 Value)

Each week for 12 weeks you'll receive a new inspiring lesson, complete with action-steps you can take to accelerate your abundance even faster. You'll shift your mindset, create a passive income plan, and learn to slow your roll.

Downloadable Workbook

($297 Value)

A workbook to help you follow along, track you progress, and map out your goals. 

12 Live Q & A Calls

($5,988 Value)

Possibly the most valuable part of the workshop! Each week, I'll be available live to answer your questions. Get crystal clear on activating your new abundance mindset, and receive the extra support you need. A recording of the calls will be yours to keep for future reference. 

Accountability Partner

($197 Value)

Pair up with a Biz Bestie who can help you stay on track, and will hold you accountable for your progress. Having someone to bounce ideas off is a great way to stay engaged and motivated. 

Lifetime Access

All the weekly lessons and Q&A calls will be recorded, and added to your personal student dashboard. You can refer back to specific lessons or take the entire course again in the future. It's yours forever! 

Graduation Party

($297 Value)

Celebrate your transformation! In week 12, we'll get together for a virtual party. Pop the champagne, your new life has begun!




100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. Participate in the first two weeks of the classes, ask me questions on the live Q&A calls, chat with others in the private community, and if you don't feel like you're getting a transformation in your life and business I'll refund your money.

There is no risk to you! Just email me within 14 days from the start date, and let me know you participated in the course, but it's just not right for you. 

I'm committed to your success and will do what I can to help you get the results you want!

Amy Adams


In addition to the weekly lessons, live Q & A calls, workbook and accountability partner, you'll also get the bonuses below!

Private Community

($997 Value)

Access to our private Slack group just for students of the course. Connect with other introverted solopreneurs on the same journey. Form friendships, partnerships and collaborations. This group is an invaluable resource! 

Challenges with Prizes

($197 Value)

Each week you'll have the opportunity to show-off your new skills with a challenge. Accelerate your abundance mindset by putting it in motion, and win a couple prizes along the way!

Total Value with Bonuses $10,773

Two ways to buy the online Workshop


Six Monthly Payments


*6 payments of $547, totaling $3,282. First payment will be drafted immediately, then you’ll be drafted on the date of purchase for the following 5 months.



Pay in full and save $285


Choose your plan, enter your credit card info to enroll, and I'll save your spot in the workshop!

So... You skipped right to the bottom, did you?

[TL:DR] Throughout the 12 week workshop, you'll learn a new way of thinking, and looking at the world around you. You'll develop an Abundance Mindset. Business will be easier, money will flow consistently, you'll work less and have more "you" time. You'll transform your life into one of light and purpose, and end overwhelm and hustle. See you there!



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