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You're in! While you're here, want my  "DECLUTTERING during MERCURY RETROGRADE" ebook for only $7 instead of $17?

How to Declutter During Mercury Retrograde ebook

On this page only, you can get my bestselling ebook, "How to Declutter During Mercury Retrograde and Welcome New Energy," plus 3 decluttering worksheets. 

Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to release the old, to make room for the new. Decluttering will sweep away stagnant energy and get you back into flow. 

With all the chaos & confusion caused by Mercury retrograde, it’s an excellent time to stay home, clear the clutter, finish projects and get unstuck. 

See what Jaci says about this ebook...

How to Declutter During Mercury Retrograde ebook

What's Included:

★ 5 steps to declutter your house with ease

★ How to avoid decluttering burnout

★ How to deal with sentimental items

★ Decluttering for more money, business & abundance

★ 3 worksheets/exercises for decluttering home, business & money

I looove decluttering during Mercury retrograde (or anytime, actually!). It gives me such a light feeling, and when I'm done I just want to sink into the couch with a glass of tea to binge Netflix and admire my clean new living room. It's the best feeling! 

If you’ve been feeling stuck in business, relationships, money, health, or life in general, now is the time to declutter. Or maybe you just need to clear out old 2020 energy and bring in fresh new vibes.

I invite you to begin decluttering your house, business, life & mind, so that all kinds of new goodness can show up! Grab the ebook for $7 on this page only. One you exit this page, you won't see this offer again. 

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